Having worked both directly and indirectly with Mexico Extreme, we can wholeheartedly endorse the professionalism and quality of their services.  We have coordinated and managed successful excursions to the mountains with kids in English and the photos can be a testament to that statement.

   We continue to have a very strong and faithful relationship using the synergies of these 2 products and companies ( Extreme sport with English) and we look forward to planning and having many more excursions in the future together.

Robbie Molto



It was an excellent visit to el "Chico Hidalgo". The team work activities we made were amazing. I had such a really fun time over there. Food was excellent and accommodation was pretty good too.I totally recommend this kind of activities outside the city.

Ladislao Banda
I’m personally very happy that we had the chance to have our Team Building exercise with Mexico Extreme.  I fully recommend Mexico Extreme specially for multinational companies, taking into account that in addition to strengthen our internal relationships, we had the opportunity to carry out the whole experience in English.  

For some of us, it was a challenge to experience  a day not only getting to know and work with our local colleagues, but with those that came from other counties.

Piotrek has that leadership that encourages all kind o people to work together!!

Thank you Mexico Extreme!!!
 Mindel Orozco, RGA
If I plan another climb in Mexico, Piotr from Mexico Extreme is the first person I will contact.  He's a skilled and accomplished climber who simply loves the mountains, and he takes a personal interest in his clients.  I went with him along the crater rim traverse of Nevado de Toluca, and I thoroughly enjoyed the climb.  When I started to think that I wouldn't make the 2nd summit, he encouraged me to push onward and we completed the whole traverse.
Alex Cohen
I just wanted to thank Piotr,I had a fantastic day climbing Pena de Bernal. Piotr was a great guide, the best! I was really impressed, everything was very professional and above all safe! so I felt real comfortable with him , so thanks again. I'll be sure to spread the word. 
Isabel Dorn
メキシコ・エクストリームの Piotr さんには感謝しています。 トルーカ山の鷹のピークへのトレッキングをお願いしましたが、良いガイドで英語も流暢なため、安心して参加できました。 パルスオキシ・メーターや衛生的な食料等の準備もしっかりとされていましたし、登っている時の浮石についてのアドバイスも的確だったと思います。 素晴らしい景色でのトレッキングを楽しむことができました。ありがとう。

I'd like to say thank you to Piotr of Mexico Extreme. I went trekking to Pico del Aguila of Nevado de Toluca with him. He is a very nice guide and a fluent English speaker, so I relaxed. He prepared well for me with a pulse-oxygen meter and some good foods. While climbing, his advice on loose rocks was very helpful for me. I enjoyed the trek with a beautiful scenery very much. Thanks a lot.
Kazuyuki Fushimi

On August 6 and 7 2014, we hiked up Iztaccíhuatl with Piotr and Mexico Extreme. What an amazing experience! It certainly was an awesome adventure. We climbed at a steady pace (not too fast as Piotr explained) and gradually we began to see the tree line disappear and rocks and snow in their place.  Piotr was a friendly and warm guide who explained new things concretely and thoroughly. It was a challenging hike/climb but with regular fuel and rest stops at key points (oh the view!) it was quite manageable. As we got higher, the weather began to change. The temperature dropped and it began to snow! We were glad of the extra layers we had brought. We reached the refuge shelter in approximately four hours, having climbed at a good steady pace. We quickly ascertained that we would be sharing the shelter with several soldiers who were the re doing some alpine training. They were very friendly and welcoming. Camaraderie with stories of our ascent and the weather helped pass the time while we had our supper and prepared for the night. Unfortunately, the weather did not improve overnight, and we were forced to abandon hope of reaching the summit the next day. The storm had created almost zero visibility. We had to wait as well before attempting any descent. While we were disappointed  at not reaching our first goal, both Gonzalo and I were glad of Piotr's expertise and judgement.  We felt we were in good hands. Even the soldiers were decamping and preparing to descend. No one was going to the summit that day. The sun was now up, and we had a new goal - begin to descend carefully, following the precise instructions of our guide, Piotr. We learned how to use an ice-pick for stability, and we wore crampons for better traction and grip. We proceeded carefully and slowly. It was challenging at the beginning, but got easier as we got further down the mountain. Breathing in the fresh oxygen was wonderful! As Piotr stated, "this is true mountaineering!". We had an incredible experience and we are looking forward to a second hike up Iztaccíhuatl next year. We are hooked! A big "gracias" to Piotr and Mexico Extreme for providing us with this awesome opportunity to push our limits and experience the beauty of Iztaccíhuatl. Can't wait to go back!


Le 6 et 7 août nous avons monté Iztaccíhuatl avec Piotr et Mexico Extreme. Quel expérience magnifique! C'était vraiment une aventure incroyable. Nous avons monté à une vitesse modéré et constante (comme Piotr a expliqué). Graduellement, on a vu les arbres disparaissent et les roches et la neige ont pris leur place. Piotr était un guide amiable et qui a bien expliqué les choses nouveaux. L'ascension nous a donné un défi mais avec des arrêts périodiques mais pour manger et se reposer nous étions très capables. La beauté de la montagne était très évident. Avec l'altitude, le temps a commencé à changer. Il faisait plus froid et il a commencé à neiger. Nous avons atteint le réfuge-abri en environ quatre heures. Rapidement, nous avons réalisé que nous serons obligés de partager l'abri avec plusieurs soldats qui étaient en train de faire des exercices d'alpinisme. Ils ont été très souriants et accueillants. Tout le monde a partagé leurs histoires de la montagne pendant qu'on a soupé. Malheureusement, le météo s'est empiré pendant la nuit. La visibilité était nul. Cela nous a forcé d'abandonner l'espoir d'atteindre le sommet ce jour-là. Même la descente devait attendre. Pendant que nous étions déçus, nous apprécions la sagesse et l'expertise de notre guide Piotr. Même les soldats se préparait à descendre. Personne atteindrait le sommet aujourd'hui. Le soleil s'est lève et on avait un nouveau objectif - descendre prudemment, en suivait les instructions précises de notre guide. Piotr nous a enseigné comment utiliser un pic à glace, et nous avons porté des crampons pour un meilleur traction. Nous avons procédé lentement et avec caution. C'était difficile au début mais est devenu plus facile le plus loin qu'on descendait. Respirer l'oxygène en bas a fait du bien. Comme Piotr a dit "Ceci est le vrai alpinisme!". C'était une expérience incroyable pour nous et nous sommes excités d'y retourner l'année prochaine. Nous sommes convaincus! On aimerait dire un gros merci à Piotr et le Mexico Extreme pour l'opportunité de pousser nos limites et de voir la beauté de Iztaccíhuatl. On a hâte à 2015! 


 Susan Waterhouse & Gonzalo Espinosa





I searched a large amount of websites and decided to go with Mexico Extreme as I received an instant response from the owner Piotr who was very understanding and competent.

I have experienced the most magical and precious time with Piotr, a knowledgeable and reliable guide, up on the Nevado de Toluca. The trip was carefully coordinated by Piotr, on our way up to the peak, Piotr checked my oxygen content and heart rate regularly with oximeter; making sure our every single movement was safe and secure. I was lucky enough to witness the amazing landscape, which was absolutely amazing and unforgettable. Got to say it’s a trip of lifetime and I’m sure that there’s no other and better way to experience the climbing and with such wonderful guide.


Come, have a go, create your own memory and great adventure with Mexico Extreme, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!




在瀏覽大量網頁後,決定選擇總是即時回信且給予完整行前資訊的Mexico Extreme。和專業嚮導PiotrNevado de Toluca山頂上,我親身體會了驚奇且彌足珍貴的美麗時光。Piotr細心安排了整段旅程,在我們往山頂前進的同時,值得信賴的Piotr定時以血液含氧器檢測體能狀態,確保我們前進的每一步伐皆安全無虞。從山頂鳥瞰而下的景觀,美的叫人驚奇且讚嘆,令人永生難以忘懷。毫無疑問的,這是人生難得一趟的冒險旅程,能肯定的是,再也沒有更好的嚮導和方式去體驗攀登Nevado de Toluca

起身前往,和Mexico Extreme一同創造屬於你自己的美好回憶和探險旅程吧!





Piotr und sein Team von MexicoExtreme haben mich und meinen Sohn Raoul sehr geschickt und professionell auf den Gipfel vom Citlatepetl (5‘670m) geführt.

Die Logistik hat perfekt funktioniert, und das Aklimatationsprogramm von 3 Tagen war wunderbar effizient. Trotz meinen 60 Jahren bin war ich in 6 Stunden oben, genau für den Sonnenaufgang.





As a Swiss, and having done a lot of amateur mountain, I found this expedition with Mexico Extreme very rewarding! This is something I had never done at a very high altitude and in 4 days, the morale and the guides were perfect. No boredom or fear, in addition to the success of the summit at dawn! A very professional team, thank you!

Raoul Martz




Piotr is a great climbing partner and guide to Pena de Bernal. Next time I visit Mexico, and would like to climb or hike one of the volcanoes, I would call on Piotr, for sure. He is professional, straight-forward, easy going, fun to be with, makes the climb safe (very important). What strikes me too is that Piotr really care about his customer.  It's too bad, he did not give me "Mexico Extreme" shirt to promote his services in my climbing gym. :) I wish you luck and more successful summits. 

If you ever find yourself in Mexico and would like to do some "extreme" fun, call Piotr for ideas. Highly recommended. 


We had an amazing time climbing the Pico de Orizaba with Piotr. He is a very passionnate man and he likes to have philosophical discussions about mountains, life, society, any subject... We swear you will have a good time with this guy! In the last 200 meters of the climbing, we started to feel very tired with the altitude, and Piotr really gave us the support we needed to make it to the top. Without him, we would have abandoned. With Piotr, you feel in very good hands because security is a must for him! We warmly recommend him as a guide and here is a bonus : he will generously tell you a lot of insights about the Mexican society. Without any doubts, Piotr was the highlight of our trip to Mexico. And he will give you a lot of Snickers bars to keep you energize. 
Elizabeth & Steven 
Despite rather harsh conditions, we had a wonderful hike of Pico de Aguile (Nevada de Toluca) 

with mexico extreme  on January 27th, 2016. It was a cold but very sunny day, although winds were extremely high at 35-40 miles/hour. Initially we were hoping to hike the traverse between the two peaks Aguile and Fraile, but Piotr suggested against it due to hard conditions of the traverse. That was a real good call.

Daniel Navarro did an excellent job in guiding us; even though we were never roped up before and never used crampons or ice axe, everything went very smoothly throughout the hike. We felt perfectly safe throughout the day, thanks to Daniel. 

Piotr was very helpful and responsive for the organization of the hike. 

Nevado de Toluca was a hike I will always remember.     


Tayfun Sonmez, Boston, USA




I was delighted to summit Pena de Bernal with Piotr while I was staying in San Miguel in January.  Piotr is a very strong and safe climber and did a fabulous job giving me direction and making sure that I had a wonderful experience.   He tailored the climb to my specific skill level that left me feeling both challenged and rewarded.  I highly recommend Mexico Extreme and will use Piotr again when I climb in Mexico.  (Just beware of his music!!) 





정말 고맙습니다. 3월 4일부터 3박4일간 말린체와 피코 데 오리자바를 등반하면서 알파인 등반에대해 많이 배웠습니다. 고도때문에 힘들어하는 저에게  정상에 올라가도록 옆에서 용기 주어 너무 고마웠어요.

피오트렠 덕분에 밤 등산의 아름다움을 알게되었습니다. 다음에 또 만나요.

김지영 드림





Piotr is a guide who is well-organized and thoughtful. He's very fit. His cooking and food choices were very good. He has a good understanding of Mexico.

It was interesting to hear about his experiences with Mexican culture and society. I hope that I can do some rock climbing in the future with him.






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